Welcome to the Farmland Legacy Leasing Toolbox

This toolbox contains several calculators to help you estimate equitable rental rates for cash, flexible, and crop-share leasing arrangements.
  • Cash Rent for Tenant Calculator: One method of establishing a fair, cash rent is based on the tentant's ability to pay. Using this calculator will enable the tentant to estimate the maximum amount he or she can pay as cash rent per acre. The tenant should rent land at something less than this maximum to generate a profit.
  • Landowner Cost Calculator: One method of establishing a fair, cash rent is based on the landowner’s economic cost of leasing the land. This calculator is one procedure that can be used to help a landowner calculate his or her cost of ownership.
  • Flexible Cash Rent Calculator: This calculator will help you calculate the cash rental rate in a flexible cash rental agreement based on changes in price and yield.
  • Comparison of Cash Rental Rates: This calculator will help compare cash rental rates using the prevailing rental rate in the area and the methods discussed in the previous calculators.
  • Crop-share Arrangement Calculator: This calculator is designed to provide information for establishing a fair and equitable crop share arrangement. The approach used is based on the principle that both parties should share in the total returns in the same proportion as their contributions.
Below are some additional resources that will help you learn more about designing, calculating, and executing an effective leasing arrangement.